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Burak Ince

Burak Ince

Lead Consultant Developer at Thoughtworks

Burak works at Thoughtworks as a Lead Consultant Developer with over 12 years of experience in the creation of large-scale web-based applications and integration in distributed system environments. He is a seasoned Full-Stack developer with additional experience in more recent programming languages such as TypeScript and Golang. He is heavily involved in Data Engineering, Software Craftsmanship, consulting with companies on OO Design, patterns, testing techniques, functional programming, and development methodologies. He has a great passion for building evolutionary software and system architectures, new technologies, and infrastructure. He is currently working on creating a 3D object with the data coming from the RGB-D camera on the robot and determining the equivalent of this object on the digital twin.


Thoughtworks Experience

Major Laboratory Devices and Consumables Company

Infrastructure consultant for 11 months, working with C#, Golang, Typescript, Terraform, Terratest, AWS (including VPC, Lambda, Lambda Edge, Fargate, ECR, API Gateway), MQTT, HiveMQ, IoT Core, Layer 4 Network Load Balancer, Layer 7 Application Load Balancer, mTLS with X509 Certificates, DynamoDB, XRay, GitHub Actions, and AWS OIDC Providers. Developed and contributed to the MQTT server and infrastructure for secure and scalable communication between laboratory devices and the cloud.

Major Automobile Manufacturer Company

Data engineer for 5 months, building an AI platform for connected cars using Kubernetes, Terraform, Terratest, Helm, AWS, ECR, Amazon Aurora, Kubeflow, KServe, KNative, Istio, Let's Encrypt, Seldon, Tensorflow Serving, Prometheus Stack, Keycloak, and GitHub Actions. Improved Kubeflow installation and integrated the customer's SSO system.

Major European Multinational Chemicals Company

Data engineer for 1 year and 3 months, working on a CD4ML machine learning pipeline and AI platform using Golang, Python, Typescript, Kubernetes, Helm, Azure Cloud, Azurite, ACR, PostgreSQL, Terraform, DVC, Mlflow, Dagster, Great Expectations, REST, gRPC, GraphQL, Memgraph, Dash, ONNX, Tensorflow, Scikit-Learn, React, Prometheus Stack, Backstage, Azure DevOps, and Azure Pipelines. Contributed to the development of the main framework and subsections of the portal.

Major Energy Logistics and Chemicals Company

Lead consultant developer for 1 month, conducting an architecture and technology review for in-house developed trading software. Examined various architectural classifications (monolithic and distributed) with the team and decided on approaches to solve problems.

Major European e-Commerce Company

Data engineer for 9 months, building a fast serving layer using Amazon Redshift, Apache Spark, PySpark, Parquet, Delta Lake, Scala, Python, Google BigQuery, Apache Airflow, Databricks, Deequ, Amazon S3, AWS CloudFormation, Flyway, PostgreSQL, Java, Spring Boot, Open API, Open Telemetry, Kubernetes, Scalyr, Lightstep, and Grafana. Helped ingest data from different systems and optimize the data pipeline.

Major Automobile Manufacturer Company

Developer for 6 months, working on a header component for an entire application ecosystem with micro frontend architecture using TypeScript, StencilJS, Terraform, AWS, CodePipeline, JFrog, Verizon, and BrowserStack.

Major Cash and Carry Logistic Company

Developer for 4 months, building an automatic secrets loading/managing system with Golang, Groovy, React, Redux, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, Kubernetes, Vault, Consul, Ansible, and Jenkins.

Developer for 8 months, building an SRE tool to calculate and visualize service reliability using Golang, React, Redux, Cypress, Cassandra, ELK Stack, Kubernetes, API Blueprints, Docker Stack, and Jenkins.

Commercial Mortgage and Financial Services Firm

Developer for 4 months, building a banking mobile app, microservices, and a build pipeline using Swift, DotNet Core, API Blueprints, Docker Stack, Jenkins, CentOS, Redis, ELK Stack, and Sonar.

Major Insurance Company

Developer for 4 months, building a loan application web page using React, Redux, Gradle, Spark Java, JWT, API Blueprints, Docker Stack, Terraform, GoCD Server, CoreOS, ELK Stack, Pinpoint, Traefik, Sonar, and Prometheus.

Major Car Rental Company

Developer for 1 week, building monitoring web pages with React and Redux for a rich interface for end users.

Healthcare Community

Developer for 3 months, building a community-driven terminology management system with Python, Django, Grunt, AngularJS, PhantomJS, Docker Compose, Apache Solr, and MongoDB. Developed a web page and REST API to facilitate monitoring, evaluation, and performance improvement across healthcare and public health systems.

Other Experience

Major Finance and Insurance Company

April 2015 - December 2016

Developed core banking customer portfolio web applications using GWT, HTML5, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, JavaScript, JSON, and AJAX. Also developed core banking customer query and customer management SOAP web services using Java EE, Maven, Spring, SOA, IBM AIX, and Websphere Application Servers.

Software & Consultancy Company

July 2011 - April 2014

Developed core banking customer query and customer management SOAP web services using Java EE, Maven, Spring, SOA, IBM AIX, and Websphere Application Servers. Also, developed a data management pipeline using SAS language and SAS Data Management Servers.


Programming Languages:

Java, Go, Python, Scala, Lua, Ruby, C#, TypeScript, JavaScript, Bash, XML, XSL, PL/SQL

Java Specific Competencies:

Spring/Spring framework, Spring Data, Security, MVC, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Spark Java, Maven, Gradle, Groovy

.NET Specific Competencies:

Cake, .Net Core

JavaScript Specific Competencies:

ReactJS, Redux, Yarn, AngularJs, Angular(version 2), Jest, PhantomJS, StencilJS


MS SQL Server, Oracle, JDBC, DB2, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, Redis, Apache Solr, MongoDB, Consul, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, MemSQL, VoltDB, Amazon Aurora, Memgraph, DynamoDB


Make, AngularJS, Grunt, React, Redux, Gulp, NodeJS, Spring MVC, Gradle, Git, Nexus, HashiCorp-Vault, ELK Stack, Selenium, Cypress, Ansible, Terraform, SonarQube, Pinpoint, Prometheus, Jaeger, DataDog, Zipkin, ORY-Hydra, Continuous Deployment with GoCD, Jenkins, Docker Stack, Kubernetes, Scalyr, Databricks, Lightstep, Datadog, KNative, Istio, Dash


Open API, Swagger, GraphQL, API Blueprints, Open Tracing, Open Census, Open Telemetry, Protobuffer


Google Cloud, AWS, Azure Cloud, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm

Data Engineering:

Apache Spark, PySpark, AWS EMR, Databricks, Hadoop HDFS, Apache Hive, Apache Airflow, Apache Kafka, Apache ZooKeeper, Google BigQuery, Amazon Redshift, Delta Lake, Parquet, Apache Avro, Dagster, DVC, Deequ, Great Expectations

ML Engineering:

Tensorflow, PyTorch, Scikit Learn, ONNX, Mlflow, Kubeflow, KServe, Seldon, Tensorflow Serving

Infrastructure as Code:

Ansible, Terraform, AWS CloudFormation

Distributed Cache:

Apache Ignite, Hazelcast